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What is Outbrain? Do you remember that you finish reading an article and in its end there are additional articles that you might find interesting? This is Outbrain, and content accessibility system that appears in the end (or in the middle) of the stories.

In the post, I am going to tell you about some advanced tools the Outbrain system features, without which your campaigns will not be professional enough – MUST READ

An advanced guide about the payment method for Facebook campaigns, including an explanation on bidding.

Ian (Ianco) writes an excellent advanced guide about payment and bidding methods – must read if you want to understand.

A special discount for group members – 25% for the Video Trends for 2019 conference.

For the fifth time, Tel Aviv hosts the Video Trends for 2019 conference in 13.12.2018 at the Havana Club. Panels about video platforms from Israel, trends in the video advertising world in 2019, advertising in audio-video, meetings of seniors on stage, presentations and case studies.

This is an opportunity to meet the entire community of the companies involved in video advertising technologies, in a single day, at a single place.

For information and registration – input coupon code “Fialkov”.

Last month we hosted a delegation of advertising agencies from Russia, organized by ADCONSULT

We started the morning with a toast, a survey on the Israeli market, a lecture about advanced tools and a few case studies.

I wish to thank the employees of Fialkov Digital for their help in setting up this convention.

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